How does work?

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How does work?
<p>This forum topic is dedicated for discussions about <a href=""></a> schemes and questions how to make your own scheme.</p>
how to get the chart image?
<p>Hello, please tell me how to get the scheme in the picture, and it shows just how it will look a picture and everything, and what to do can not understand.</p>
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do you upload your own picture or trying to download existing? If you uploading your own picture, then after all click "Make scheme". Then in the bottom of page enter your own title and you click"Download scheme PDF"

hello... when i make the own
<p>hello... when i make the own picture how do i know that how count? 14 count? 11 count or 25 count. tq</p>


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what count to use
<p>Hello,you can use any count of Fabric,juxt remember,the higher the Fabric count,the smaller the picture</p>
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I am grateful to you
<p>I my opinion, is the best cross stitch website. I have tried your mechanism of schemes creation and I can make a lot beautiful schemes. And I love the existing schemes you have prepared for us, too! From my heart, I just want to say thank you for your great job, and I hope this website will be more popular. Every cross stitch fans will surely love it!</p> <p>Love your work </p> <p>Sally</p>